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  • Understanding the Power of Collaboration

    The power of collaboration transforms meaningful ideas and visions into reality.

  • The Enthusiasm of a change

    A good and intellect mind brings a change that benefits the world.

  • Explore the Innovator in you

    When you embrace the ideas, you innovate.Bring that passion within.

Empower the students with AI Skills!

We believe that educating the young minds,create opportunities and provide them the ability to face the emerging challenges of today’s world.

Instilling Technology Leadership!

We believe in tapping the potential of the students by guiding their creativity into passion and encouraging them to reach their true potential.

Creating Technical Entrepreneurs!

We believe in nurturing the ideas into innovations. We ignite the passion in them to develop their vision for the future.

Guidance from Industrial Leaders!

We ensure that our students receive guidance from Industrial Leaders giving them the confidence to present their ideas on a wider spectrum.

Stay Connected!

Meet the Founder of WhizzStep

Hi! I am Rituparna Ghosh

Rituparna Ghosh is the founder and Director- Sales & Marketing WhizzStep Education and Research. She believes in the philosophy that educating the young minds create opportunities and provide them the ability to face the emerging challenges of today’s world.

Personal Attention

We ensure that our students understand each and every concept and the process to create practical solutions through technology.

Project driven skills

We promote a culture of creation ,innovation and solutions by using the skills of Artificial Intelligence.


Practise is the only key to success and we believe that Artificial Intelligence skills can only be enhanced with hard work and practise.

Future ready

We ensure that students are in touch with the latest skills and knowledge and stay in tune with the changes in corporate world.

The Game Changers


Elon Musk

Elon Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, SpaceX in 2002. SpaceX has been delivering the cargo to International Space Station since 2012. Recently SpaceX launched new era of space flight with company's first crew mission to International Space Station.


Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was a co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.
Along with his friend Steve Wozniac,they designed and marketed Apple
computers.His vision of a computer for rest of us brought a revolution in personal computers space. He also introduced and represented the launch of iPhone in 2007.


Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was the co-founder and CEO of Facebook which is a social networking website.He launched while he was studying at harvard.His networth crossed $100 billion this year.

Young Innovators and Leaders in Artificial Intelligence

WhizzStep Education and Research

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