China  is considered to be an emerging  superpower and  if the   data  has to be believed  they are also  marching ahead to become a   superpower in  the field of Artificial intelligence . Artificial Intelligence has the capability to  create  smart  machines with the potential to outsmart human  thinking ability. With the  latest development and research in the field of   Machine Learning, wider applications in automated  and  driver-less cars,  face recognition, advances in  medical  fields have been created for the benefit  of humans.

With  a spurt  in the development of Artificial Intelligence  based applications and the  research papers  , there exists a clear AI  strategy. China  AI strategy has  stressed on the fact that  artificial intelligence  growth in the economic and social development has  grown manifolds due to development in the field of deep learning  and enhancement of intelligence  due to man and machine collaboration  powered  and  driven by  large data.

With the breakthrough  research work in  the  field of Artificial Intelligence,  the focus is  now on the competitiveness  in Artificial Intelligence within the national boundaries and the  strategy  to  evolve technological superiority over  each other.  AI  based  application development  will have an edge in  making business competitive and this could create larger export market  for a nation. It may not be  wrong to  say that we  are  on the doorstep of  the next industrial revolution,which  brings new opportunities and also  has a  power to  reinvent the economic models,  which  could mark the paradigm  shift in the way the  business will be conducted in the virtual world  of Artificial Intelligent  with AI  based agents  performing  the  business transactions.

China has also developed and  deployed   many  projects   in  intelligence  manufacturing ,  research and development and  taken a  big leap in   publishing the scientific  papers  and patented  inventions. The deployment of the   applications in  Voice recognition , Face recognition, AI based robotics in  manufacturing as well as  in service industry have been widely  recognised and adapted in their businesses as well as  in their social set up.

Where does India  stand in  the integration of Artificial Intelligence in the National Policy ?

India  has also adopted  a national  policy with respect to Artificial Intelligence. Niti Aayog through its approach  has stressed on the creation and integration of  Artificial Intelligence in the ecosystem. There is a clear understanding  about the potential of Artificial Intelligence with respect to  the disruption as well as  the benefits  it  brings in the social sector.  The focus at present is  limited  to  healthcare , agriculture , education , smart cities & infrastructure  to smart mobility  and  transport. The policy also states and the government also realises  the  possible  limitations  in the expertise , access to intelligence  data , low  awareness  in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence , privacy and  security.

There is a  wide gap between the policy of India and China   in terms  of the development of the  AI  based ecosystem. China  has  realised the  potential  Artificial Intelligence  can bring  to  the growth of the nation and  has  also integrated  the  culture of  AI  research  within the educational institutes whereas  India , although fully understanding the lag that it has  with  respect to the  countries like China and USA ,  fails to  put  much needed effort in this  field.

As  the development continues in the filed of Artificial intelligence and new  algorithms and applications are developed, social sector will  greatly  benefit from  predictive nature of this   technology. With the changing  ecological balance and global warming ,  it  is  important that  we use Artificial Intelligence in a  comprehensive and sustainable way  to create a better place for humans to  live a better life.

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