WhizzStep’s Global AI Scholar is a thought,where students are encouraged to showcase their creativity and use their intellect to create new ideas which can take the shape of an innovation with proper guidance and technology know how. In this fast changing technology space,it is now possible for us to createContinue Reading

China  is considered to be an emerging  superpower and  if the   data  has to be believed  they are also  marching ahead to become a   superpower in  the field of Artificial intelligence . Artificial Intelligence has the capability to  create  smart  machines with the potential to outsmart human  thinking ability. WithContinue Reading

Computer Vision is one of the  hottest  field in the  study of Artificial Intelligence.  Humans use their eyes to see the objects and  interpret it through the  brain . Similarly  Artificial system use  the computer vision to detect and to  recognise. The objective of computer vision is to mimic the Continue Reading

Arthur Samuel, who is considered as a pioneer of machine learning defined machine learning as “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. However, it was Tom Mitchell, an American computer scientist having PHD from Stanford who defined Machine learning as “A   computer programContinue Reading