Sanjitha S is a 6th grader.She is passionate about fine arts besides academics. Sanjitha is an avid reader of fiction and character-building books. Her commitment and keen interest towards themes as diverse as social, technology, creative arts and innovation finds best expressions through participating in several competitions/contests and making contributions. Sanjitha has won numerous Awards and Prizes from National and International competitions.

 Aditya Kapoor studies in  grade 8th. He is fond of watching YouTube and playing computer games. He also likes watching science fiction movies and aspire to become a rocket scientist.

Saher Oswal is a voracious reader  and have an interest in  fine arts. She is also getting trained in classical Bharatanatyam form of dance. She actively participates in the causes that bring about a change in  the society for good. She is  value driven.

Sara Bilal Thakur is a student of 7th grade. Her hobbies are reading books, painting, sketching , skating and cyclying.

Ranveer Gulati is a student of grade 7 and is a good swimmer. He started swimming at the age of 5 years . He loves the feeling of floating on water and feeling almost weightless. He takes inspiration from people around him for his ideas and wants to build devices to help people.

Arian Dsouza is a student of grade 8. He is a seeker, tech enthusiast, and innovator. He started his journey in tech world at the age of 9.By 9 (2015) he was ranked 3 in teams at National levels – World Robotics Olympiad, and in 2019 he was ranked second in Individual category at National level (Robotex).He is a passionate horse rider, dog trainer and loves urban farming.

Gopa Parthiv is a student of grade 9. His interests are  reading books, system  learning, games and sports and is keen to learn new things. He likes to help people who are near him and is a people’s person.

Shreya Gautam is a writer and poet by heart; she also loves to express herself in forms of music and visual art. Loves to play the electronic keyboard. Shreya is very passionate about making an impact through Climate Action, as she is an avid contributor in her school’s biggest Climate Action Project.She was one of the top 32 finalists out of 1200+ students for the UNESCO Global Debate, which focused on the impact of COVID-19 on education.

Tanvi Bathula is a student of grade 6.Her hobbies are singing and dancing. She has been singing for 4 years and have also been learning Bharatanatyam for 6 years.

Shivam Pandey is a student  of grade 8. He comes as a novice who is standing in the sea-shore with entire ocean is at his sight to explore while getting humbled how much has been left to learn. He comes as a normal boy who who gets triggerd by listening to music or creating animation video or digital art or watching ANIME ( a Japanese animations) while keeping a keen eye to what’s happening globally particularly in science, cars and computers.